4U1ITU – I.T.U. Geneva 1988-1995

From 1988 to 1995 I had the honour to be one of the more regular operators of 4U1ITU, the station of the International Amateur Radio Club at the
ITU headquaters in Geneve, Switzerland.

Beside the 4U1ITU callsign I activated the following special calls:
4U3ITU (1988)
4U4ITU (1989)
4U5ITU (1990)
4U6ITU (1991)
4U7ITU (1992)
4U8ITU (1993)
4U9ITU (1994)
4U0ITU (1995)

The operation desk (about 1990)

ITU building with antenna setup (about 1994)

Special thanks for making every stay in Geneve a pleasant one go to:
Claudia, F5NYQ
Fritz, F6IMS
Ted, F8RU (sk)
and of course to the crew at ITU headquarters